Hi there! My name is Keith. 

I am a developer, traveler, writer, as well as a cryptocurrency trader. 

But I have to say, I was not always one. 

Before I learned what cryptocurrencies were, it never really crossed my mind to try trading any asset. 

But it was around 2017 when some of my friends came up to me casually and told me how they made these huge chunks of money through something called Bitcoin. As soon as they told me what it is, I laughed. 

It was when they showed me concrete proof of their balances that I started to believe them. Even then, I still did not fully understand what Bitcoin was, but I was determined to know. As a developer, it is undoubtedly something that sparked my interest. 

I started to do my research. That was when I learned about Satoshi Nakomoto and his vision for Bitcoin. It was meant to replace all other forms of payment in the future, but for me, it more than just that. Due to the nature of Bitcoin, it has no fixed value. It can deflate in value, but this also has a considerable tendency to rise, which makes it an excellent trading asset. 

During that time, there were already lots of overnight millionaires trending on the internet. I knew I could lose big time, but I was so hyped about everything that I invested all of my savings on Bitcoin. I was thrilled as the numbers rose. 

Indeed, I was able to triple my money in just a matter of seconds. I know I should have cashed out my money while I still can, but I did not. I was just so drawn with the idea that my money could keep on growing. 

Eventually, the value of Bitcoin dropped, and I lost a lot of money, but the funny thing was that I did not feel disappointed about what happened. Instead, I became more strategic in how I invest money in cryptocurrency. 

Why Nikcub?

People behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently making their technology bigger and better. Just the same, I believe that investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts should also work towards one mission: to help people realize the power of the digital currency and how it can transform lives. 

Nikcub is my first step forward to making that happen. This is where I will be posting content that will guide people towards a better understanding of how cryptocurrency works as well as the best ways to invest in crypto. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, I believe that you will learn a thing or two from this website. I will also be showcasing new developments and updates about the cryptocurrency industry on this website. 

Cryptocurrency has a lot of things in store for all of us. The best way to prepare for what is coming is to join forces and learn as much as we can while waiting for cryptocurrency to be a globally accepted technology.

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