Rankchecker.io Review: My Views On The Tool

SEO is one of the most important marketing channels suited for both small and large businesses. But to achieve higher rankings on SERPs, you must utilize a set of tools. One of the tools is RankChecker that helps you in multiple ways. In this article, we’ll provide a thorough review and my personal experience with RankChecker.

What is Rankchecker?

RankChecker is basically an online page rank checker that keeps a record of your SERP over time. These types of tools are incredibly important but are often overlooked. And I don’t blame you either, because even I was guilty of overlooking it. Here’s why tools like RankChecker are so important:

Suppose you build a brand new website. You host it on the server, target the right keywords, write some SEO-rich content, and build links. Over time, you’ll see improvement in rankings. This will get you thinking, all is well, and you’re done. And that’s where most people get it wrong. They invest in all of the tools, like a web hosting provider for hosting their website, keyword research tool to discover keywords, plagiarism, and grammar checking tools to write good SEO content. After that, they leave it on autopilot. By doing this, you’re jeopardizing your initial investment.

SEO is an ever-changing landscape. Search engines like tweaking their algorithm (about 500-600 times a year). This affects rankings in both the short term and long term. What is working today might not work tomorrow. Therefore, you need a keyword rank checker to keep track of your rankings. I learned this the hard way after I realized that some of my link building efforts weren’t fetching me the right results.

That’s when I tweaked my strategy and got the right results. Without the Rankchecker tool, I would have never known when I went off track with my SEO activities.

The way Rankchecker works is simple. It scans the web intermittently and records the rankings of all the websites and web pages for specific keywords in its database. You can then access this database to track your real-time ranking for a certain keyword.

It tracks over 3000 keywords and 1500 domains.

Keyword Rank checker features I Liked

Throughout my time of using this website rank checker, I came across some really cool features Rankchecker has on offer. Some of them are:

  • Instant page rank checker

This tool allows you to get the keyword you rank for instantly. Just put in the domain, and Rankchecker will reveal the rankings for various keywords. This way, I cut off a lot of manual stuff and saved hours.

  • Daily ranking update

Another really useful feature that impressed me was the daily ranking update reports I received from Rankchecker. To receive a daily ranking update, you need to install a badge on your website that the tool provides. This will help it track daily ranking and fluctuations. With this, I never have to check for page rank manually, and this further saves me time.

  • Location-based rank checker

Rankchecker allows you to check rankings based on location. As you might know, Google and other search engines show different results to users of different locations in SERPs. So, someone sitting in Denver will see different web search results than someone searching from Miami. Not only by city, but I could also track my rankings at a country level. So know how your website ranks in Brazil, France, Australia, England, India, and around the world.

  • Reliable and free

Finally, I really loved and admired that RankChecker is free at the end of the day. You can check keyword rankings for free and get the reports for free. This makes it one of the best page rank checker tools on the internet.

What Could Have Been Better

While the tool is definitely worth it, there are few things I’d like to have better. The interface is a bit old-fashioned to me. It’d have been better if the UX designers have put in some additional work to make it look better. But I’m sure, a more advanced UX is just around the corner, and will hit our screens soon! Yes?